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Gun Mayhem

Are you looking for a fun shooting game to engage in? The Gun Mayhem may prove to be the perfect choice. The Gun Mayhem has added a whole new twist in the shooting game arena. This is evidently seen in the objective of the game, which is to throw your enemy off stage rather than kill him or her. How Many Players are Required for Gun Mayhem? This is a versatile game that can be enjoyed as a single player game or as a multiple player game. At the beginning of the game, you have the option of customizing the number of players. The characteristics of the players can also be customized to fit one's taste and preference. How do I play the Gun Mayhem? The game is quite simple and interesting. The objective is to throw your opponent off the platform or screen. So whatever you do, please ensure that you do not com off the platform. You can do this by preventing the enemy from hitting you first through tactical jumps and platform drops. There is a slight delay between the time a shot is taken and the time it hits a player. This delay allows you to take a tactical move against your opponent. The bombs that are dropped at the beginning of the game make it so interesting. The blast provides a good knockdown to any opponent standing nearby. How many levels are there in the game?The game features an aspect known as zones. The zones feature different types of environments in which you get to fight in. In general, there are three types of zones. Zone one features a grave situation, a tribal hustle,a faramageddon among many others. In tribal hustle you get to fight against local bullies while in grave situation you are up against nasty zombies. Zone two features a fight against aliens. It gets more interesting when you unlock the castle mode where you get to fight with hooligans against your kingdom. All the zones feature environments to keep you intrigued and captivated. Winning each level unlocks the next zone. Gun Mayhem GameplayThis is where the game mostly excels. The game plays really well without getting stuck or crashing. You might experience a bug here and there but such moments are rare. The bug is normally resulted by the excessive use of weapons which the developer could have reduced. All in all, it is a fair trade off that makes the game more interesting. Conclusion The game mayhem is an fun and interesting game to play with and without friends.

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